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Photos, negatives, slides, medium format film scanning service
Photos not viewed for years - get them scanned for friends and family
A new website developed for the PrintRoom
A simple website with the Deals Toolkit CMS
Creating a PDF from a Joomla database
Taking a corrupt database, extracting the data and exporting as a PDF
CardSave payment method
Sabre Rigs opts for the CardSave payment method from SagePay.
Central Heating installer in Kent
A new one page website giving a good starting point for advertising services
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Phone : 07875 617340
Email :

Mervyn Fernandez T/AS '58 ALL'
58 Alliance Road,
Plumstead, London
SE18 2BA

Based in Greenwich
Serving London, Kent, England
Virtual tours across Europe

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This is '58 ALL'!

Website designer/developer, Internet consultant

We offer web sites that are hand-coded for Organic Search Engine Optimisation, web site Accessibility and Usability. These are at the forefront of our website design ethics. Bespoke Content Management Systems and full web applications (including eCommerce solutions) can be developed using Perl and XML.

Link: Checkout-58 information
Our own eCommerce solution known as 'Checkout-58' is designed to interface with any legacy Stock Control System.

Link: News-58 toolkit
Our basic News Toolkit known as 'News-58' allows you to log into your website and maintain your News which gets displayed upon your website. It can be adapted to apply your website look-n-feel and, more importantly, recreate your Sitemap.xml so you dont upset Google!

Having a News feature upon your homepage will enable you to change the copy upon your home page so that your Google score changes when the Googlebot revisits.

Link: Estate-58 information
Our Property Portfolio solution known as 'Estate-58' allows you to maintain your property portfolio web pages. For businesses that want to sell or rent properties - houses, flats, villas, apartments etc.

It is very easy to use and can be integrated with your existing computer systems.

Link: Survey-58 information
Our On-line web survey solution known as 'Survey-58' allows you to have a customised webpage survey based upon a paper survey.

Link: CMS-58 information
Our Content Management Systems come under the brand name 'CMS-58' which will allow you to log into your website and maintain your database etc. It can be adapted to talk to any media that understands the HTTP Protocol.

It can be adapted to maintain other aspects of your website or intranet system and we should be able to take data from any legacy system or database - not keen on populating legacy systems due to risk of conflicting with their database rules etc.


icon: RSS feed icon    icon: GeoRSS Feed icon

RSS Newsfeeds and GeoRSS feed feeds are also exploited to help increase visits to your website. There are a whole host of other skills and services that we offer, that can be found upon the website design page.

Please review our areas of Internet expertise and peruse our portfolio of web sites.

360 Virtual tours

Photo: 360 Balloons '58 ALL' currently offers Flash Virtual Tours - 360° x 360° full immersive images Virtual Tours. Also available in Quicktime VR or as equirectangular or panoramic photos for viewing upon websites or for printing. For a taster, take a look at some 360° interiors and exterior to give you an idea if this would work for you. or take a full virtual tours :


Nearly every web site you will ever come across will have photographs. So why not kill two birds with one stone - use the services of '58 ALL' for your photography as well as your web site design.

But we are not limited to photography for website - we do :

We also can "fix" damaged photos and applying special effects to your photos.

Take a virtual stroll through the photo galleries for a taste of the different types of photography and creativity.

About ...

'58 ALL' is the trading name for Mervyn Fernandez. The business was established in 2001 Greenwich London, having over 20 years experience in database design / the IT industry / web site design. Combined with amateur photography for the same duration.

So, if its 360° virtual tours using QuickTime or DevalVR, internet consultancy for advice & guidance, a new web site design, website revamping, redesign for DDA accessibility, tweaking for search engines (Search Engine Optimisation), internet developer, intranet applications, object VR photographer, panoramic photography, immersive images etc. etc. ...

Websites owned by '58 ALL' :

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