Mervyn Fernandez

Personal Details:
Name : Mervyn Fernandez
Business Name : 58 ALL
Status : Married
Dependents : 2 sons
Mobile Phone : 07875 617340
Email :
Web site :
Address : 58 Alliance Road,
SE18 2BA
Language : English
Religion : Christian
Career and Skills:
Career Summary :
Have worked only in the Local Government area - in particular, property repairs ordering applications development.
I spent 9 years developing bespoke Repairs ordering systems for Greenwich Council for both the Housing directorate and the Borough Buildings department. Both these systems were written using the Pick operating system.
I then spent 6 years redeveloped the Borough Buildings application in Ingres 6.4 running on Sun Sparc servers. This work involved me covering all aspects of a projects life cycle.
I have also done various Perl/CGI work to publish legacy database information on the internet/intranet.
In my last year of fulltime employment, I was involved in maintaining an Ingres 6.4 Housing Management system.

Since leaving fulltime employment I have taken a year out to develope a project called 'Greenwich Church' which is aimed at getting 120 churches located within the Greenwich Borough working together in areas of commonality. I also invested in writing small web applications in Perl/HTML.

Since April 2002 I have been a sole trader trading under the business name of '58 ALL'. This business offers web site consultancy, iPIX 360° Virtual Tour photography and traditional photography.

Skills Years Experience
Pick 9 to 10 Years
Ingres 6.4/02 6 to 7 Years
Perl 4 11 to 12 Years
HTML 13 to 14 Years
Employment History :
Employer : Anite
City : London & Reading
From : April 2001
To : August 2001
Job Title : Lead Software Developer
Employer : ICL (CFM)
City : London & Reading
From : January 1994
To : April 2001
Job Title : Lead Software Developer
Employer : Greenwich Council
City : London
From : September 1985
To : January 1994
Job Title : Software Developer
Career synopsis :
I started my professional IT career within Greenwich Council as an ICL VME/B mainframe operator. After one year I moved from operations into software development where I developed applications on a McDonald Douglas Reality server. The IT directorate within Greenwich Council was then outsourced to a Facilities Management company called CFM. I was TUPEd from Greenwich council to CFM. CFM was then consolidated into ICL. I then got involved in supporting ICL's Housing Management system written in Ingres 6.4. ICL then sold their software portfolio to Anite PLC. I was once again TUPEd -this time from ICL to Anite PLC. I was offered a mutual settlement after 4 months and ceased being their employee in August 2001.
As a hobby, I have setup an intranet at home consisting of a client PCs, running Windows 98 and Windows XP running Apache web server, and a Sun Unix server for socket programming. I write CGI using Perl 4, HTML, CSS Style Sheets and JavaScript.

I have used Perl to write parser programs to extract data from Microsoft Access 2, Access97, SQLserver 6.5, Excel, Paradox4 & 5, using DSN/ODBC and screen scrapers

Web skills Overview :
  • HTML, XML, CGI Perl for Unix or NT, POST & GET, Sendmail, JavaScript
  • Website design
  • Various HTML proformas using HTML & Perl 4
  • Bulk Emailed using data extracted from the virus wall log files
  • Web pages generated from an Access97 database using Perl, ODBC, DSN
  • Transcend network management tool log file analysis scripts
  • Populating an Access database with data from a POP3 mail box
  • HTML & XML pages generated from a structured ASCII document
  • iPIX photography
  • RSS News feeds
  • Perl bespoke screen scrapers
  • Screen-scraping
  • PDA web orderforms
  • PayPal interface
  • SagePay integration
  • Google Maps integration
  • GeoRSS.xml & Meta geo tags
  • Bespoke content mananagement systems
  • Organic SEO
  • Virtual Tours in Flash, DevalVR & Quicktime
  • Custom built search engine
  • A simple EPOS system including barcode scanning
  • iPhone Web App
  • Actinic eCommerce integration
  • HTML, CGI Perl/ActivePerl, Formmail, Ports/sockets programming from Intranet Windows server to a Unix RDBMS
  • Web Questionaire using data from the LDAP phone directory
  • Helpdesk call enquiry including data extract from Oracle database using SQLplus, Korn shell script, FTP
  • Catering order form using HTML & Perl 4
  • Email address book directory extracted from Excel
  • Advice regarding the publication of a Social Services procedure manual on the intranet
  • Apache web server, Perl
  • Sage interface
  • Complete website created to be run off a CD
  • Have been on an introduction to Java course (never used)
  • Consultancy including web Publication, look-n-feel, accessibility, usability, online & offline marketing (basic guidance), data protection, privacy, confidentiality, copyright
  • Have readup extensively on XML and WML (WAP), MySQL, DBI/DBD, PHP
  • Have touched on XSL, HTTP, TCP/IP, SQLserver 6.5, SMS, and using web kiosks
  • Intermediate level of Unix system administration knowledge including shell scripting
  • Setup and configured FTGate mail server
  • Setup and configured ZoneAlarm and Internet Security firewall software
  • Configured networks for broadband
  • Installed office networks using cat5/RJ45 and a router, and configured the sharing of printers, files, email, internet access
'58 ALL' customers
  • Greenwich Council
  • Lambeth Council
  • Scorpion Press
  • Deckled Edge
  • Sabre Spares
  • Sabre Rigs & Renewables
  • Woodland Christian Trust
  • Alex McLean Heating Engineer
  • B2C CiC
  • HeatCover
  • Howard Hughes Architect
  • SRC Greenwich
  • Bridging the Gap
  • Tulip Financial Management
  • Radworks Limited
  • PrintRoom
  • Specialist K9 Services
  • Easyaway
  • The Global Interactive Bead Database
  • Genius Sound & Vision
  • West Greenwich Osteopaths
  • Bunny London
  • H2O Interiors
  • Du Petit Lion camping park
  • Greenwich Business Development Centre
  • The Crust Company
  • Set 2
  • Jays Foods
  • Sabre Systems (Heating) Ltd.
  • SE10 Restaurant and Bar
  • Pinstripes and Beads
  • Eternal Care
  • Myburgh Designs
  • Mica Technology
  • 11 Ladybower Lodge
  • Volunteers Centre Greenwich
  • ChangeUp Greenwich
  • Greenwich CVS
  • Greenwich Co-operative Development Agency
  • Greenwich SACRE
  • Kudus Copywriting
  • Start International
  • KRM Consultants
  • RBMS
  • Fish Car Leasing
  • DJK Decorators
  • GeoContracts - Landscaping & Building
  • K9SearchnDetect Ltd.
  • Templehouse Publishing
  • JMF Support Group
  • Madone Construction
  • Point Hill Properties
  • West Kent Boys' Brigade
  • Templehouse Publishing
  • WMI Simpsons
  • Monk Travel
Have also won a support contract giving advice & guidance for approx 20 voluntary groups based within the Greenwich borough.

Also numerous Virtual Tour clients and internet consultancy clients.

I own and run a number of community related web sites :
  • Greenwich Directory
  • Greenwich Business Directory
  • Greenwich News
  • Greenwich Church
  • Virtual Greenwich
  • Greener Greenwich
  • MacroDigest
I served for 9 years in the Boys' Brigade and aquired the Queens award.

I ran a chapel service in the Belmarsh High Security prison for several years.

I used to be :

  • a member of the Greenwich and Bexley Chamber of Commerce
  • on the steering group for Employee Supported Volunteering (ESV),
  • on the steering group for London Anti-Crime and Education Scheme (LACES).

I was a finalist in the Green Guardian Award 2008 for my local contribution to ecology.

Hobbies include hiking, camping, cycling, vinyl record collecting, photography. I am an Officer for the Boys' Brigade and serve there in helping to run two section.

A frequent attender at the New Community Church in Sidcup, and have a keen interest in knowing more about prophetic ministry, healing ministry, raising the dead and the like.


We wont go there ;)


Mervyn Fernandez March 2014