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Donald Pass - Panoramic painting

Turning a panoramic painting into a cylindrical Quicktime immersive

Photo: Donald Pass - Panoramic painting
Donald Pass is an artist whose work has been inspired by an epiphany he experienced in 1969. Fantastic dramatic "resurrection" images which have effected people in different ways over the years.

The ultimate experience to appreciate this art is to be immersed in it, and that is what we intend to do with the work. Taking the paintings from a 2D perspective, cutting them up, reshaping them and animating them in the virtual darkroom to make an immersive full dome short animation film.

The first step was to prove this could be done. We took one painting and rebuilt it into a Hemispherical image. You can view a Quicktime version of this image.

Another painting has been made into a full 360 Quicktime cylinderical immersive which you can view here.

The aim of this experimental project is to create a short film which can be viewed in a planetarium. Immersing the viewer into the mind of the artist, taking art and creativity to a new dimension.

There is also a painting gallery for you to peruse other pieces of Donald's master pieces.

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