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Old and damaged photos restoration

Sometimes it is possible to restore a creased, stained photo!

Photo: Old and damaged photos restoration
It is possible to fill-in-the-gaps on an old stained, creased, scratched damaged photo. When a photo has been folded in half, the crease will stretch the image along the seem.

'58 ALL' will take your old sepia or black and white or colour photos and fill-in-the-gaps to be near perfect. Cloning parts of the photo and changing tones and taking a best guess at what is missing is time consuming but is worth it if the subject in the photo has any sentimental value.

What do you think of the sample above? this image was a passport size photo which was to be reproduced on a 5" by 7" paper.

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Author: Mervyn Fernandez (Wed, Feb 2 2011 at 09:31:42)
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