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Organic SEO, Accessibility and News toolkit

K9searchNdetect higher ranking and more accessible ...

Photo: Organic SEO, Accessibility and News toolkit
K9searchNdetect Ltd. offer specialist sniffer dog training and expertise. Their K9s assist in security at football clubs, cricket grounds, shopping centres and just about any public locations where there may be a threat of explosions.

Their original web site was optimised last year, but in that time a new web developer was sought but broke the Organic SEO rules which made the website fall short of the Google radar!!

Again, '58 ALL' where brought in to assist in this area. The design was kept but the layout tweaked. The standard '58 ALL' hallmark Accessibility feature was added, AccessKeys etc. Also a News Toolkit which will allow K9searchNdetect to periodically add news articles so the Homepage changes regularly.

This new version of the News Toolkit also allows for the uploading of videos in .mov format for embedding in the news articles.

More info. :
Author: Mervyn Fernandez (Wed, Jan 6 2010 at 17:31:15)
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