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A basic EPOS system on a PC

Electronic Point of Sale (sales checkout) using a browser, scanner and printer

Photo: A basic EPOS system on a PC
Jays Foods wanted a very simple checkout system for the recording of their Cash-n-Carry sales, but rather then have to retype the invoice information into Sage Line 50, a simple program was developed to transfer this information.

The EPOS system includes a barcode scanner and a printer for the printing of invoices. Sage Line 50 can export the products into a CSV file, and this is imported daily into this EPOS system.

The system can work unconnected to the internet or Local Area Network, and there is a program which will batch upload all outstanding Orders to Sage once the connection is made.

The EPOS system will work to a budget or calculate customer change. It includes VAT calculations and offers a range of discounts depending upon the customer.

Author: Mervyn Fernandez (Wed, Feb 2 2011 at 09:27:33)
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