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Overhauled website for Sabre Spares

More Organic SEO for higher Google ranking

Photo: Overhauled website for Sabre Spares
Sabre Spares is going through a period of re-invention and as such needed to update their website to reflect the fine tuning of their business.

The old site was not working as well as it should have been with the Organic SEO side of things evolving since the site was created. So a new website was required to better optimise all their stock, boiler spares and the new range of boilers, cylinders, commercial heaters etc.

Using the existing strong branding the site was revamped to make it easier to navigate and alot friendlier on the eye.

More info. :
Author: Mervyn Fernandez (Wed, Jul 11 2012 at 17:31:35)
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