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Stan Gain's website gets new features

58 ALL's Website Toolkit for News, Diary, and Photo Album features

Photo: Stan Gain's website gets new features
The website looks the same but now it includes the '58 ALL' Website Toolkit that allows Stan to log into the website and maintain the News, Diary and Photo Album options upon his website.

The Website Toolkit is a simple package that has been developed tohelp keep the cost of website maintenance to a minimum. Webpages that are not changed regularly will continue to be maintained by '58 ALL'. Pages that are high maintenance will be maintained by the website owner. This does save alot of time and money, and avoids disappointment if the website developer has to schedule his work and hence causes a delay.

This Website Toolkit can be added onto nearly any HTML website. But if the whole website is developed and managed by '58 ALL', then you get the added value of "Organic Search Engine Optimisation" (SEO), which should increase your Google search engine ranking.

The Website Toolkit News pages are individually optimised for the search engines but our Toolkit can be extended to recreate the Sitemap.xml file which is what most search engine spiders and robots look for.

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Author: Mervyn Fernandez (Mon, Mar 4 2013 at 11:08:24)
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