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MacroDigest (beta) - Economics news mashup

Economics News and Blogs aggregating

Photo: MacroDigest (beta) - Economics news mashup
Economics News - Not everyones cuppa tea! '58 ALL' has been hard at work over the past year creating a unique Economics News Aggregating website. The website is recreated every 5 minutes with information from over 1000 sources pertaining to global "Macro Economics".

The whole system has been developed in Perl, and requiring expertise in a number of disciplines : HTML, CSS, XML, Atom, Blogging, RSS feeds, HTTP, UTF8, etc etc.

After the initial development that was totally algorithm controlled, a Toolkit was developed to allow for the slight tweaking of the "News clusters" to simply removed info that was not appropriate, and to raise the profile of articles that are of more importance/relevence.

The website is now LIVE! Currently looking to advance this website with funding to buy more powerful servers and to pay the 10 editors we are currently using to add the manual intervention. If you would like to make a really generous donation or advertise upon the website then please be intouch!

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Author: Mervyn Fernandez (Mon, Mar 4 2013 at 11:25:58)
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