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Bespoke News articles toolkit, RSS feed Generator ...

News-58 is a basic toolkit developed in Perl, that gives the end user the ability to create and maintain "News" articles upon their website. It is very basic in that it allows you to have a number of paragraphs and one photo per article.

It can be adapted to apply your website look-n-feel. The toolkit also allows for the recreating of the Sitemap.xml so which is an important file that the Googlebot looks for.

The Toolkit will also recreate your very own RSS feed so you can promote this to your audiance so they can keep upto date with your news without revisitng your website by using their own RSS Feed Reader / News Aggregator.

Having a News feature upon your homepage will enable you to change the copy upon your home page so that your Google score changes when the Googlebot revisits. This will help your Google Ranking because Google likes websites that change as opposed to ones that never change and just stagnate.

You can then Tweet your News item in Twitter to increase your audiance. or promote the News item through other Social Media.

You can also define how many News headings you want to appear upon your homepage, and the order of the articles.

This website uses the News-58 toolkit so you can see how it looks - it can be adapted for your look-n-feel!

Looking for an online News maintenance toolkit? Look no further - simply Email '58 ALL'.

Logo: News-58