Jay's Foods - Catalog, website & show stand

The International Food Exhibition 2011 was the destination for Jays Foods Ltd this year, and to be ready for the show and to maximise return, 58 ALL commissioned Doug Hendry to design a set of icons that would complement the website, the catalogs and the display stand.

The 10 icons where fine tuned for maximum appeal by Doug. 58 ALL then wrote a Perl script which takes a folder full of photos and an Excel spreadsheet and automatically creates a food catalog as a series of .TIFF files. We also designed the front and back cover.

we assised Jays Foods in the layout and design of the IFE 2011 display stand which involved imagining what the stand would look like from each of the 4 approach avenues. We considered how people would view and use the exhibits and how best to engage with the potential customers placing a food tasting kiosk in a prime location.

Another Perl script was then written to take the Excel spredsheet and stock photos to create the web pages. The photos where automatically watermarked and resized. We also assisted in the setting up of a mini studio so we could take these stock photos. The two websites are very basic but effective.


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