New(ish!) website for London Steadfast Association

The Boys' Brigade London Steadfast Association exists to support London based BB companies and has sofar raised over £50,000. They did have an out of date website hosted by a Bromley based firm.

58 ALL have just completed the moving of their website to a new hosting company, and given it a slight overhaul.

The London Steadfast Association were not all-together happy with the previous arrangement for website updating and wanted to take control of their future. The website was an ASP site which 58 ALL are proud to announce their lack of expertise in this area!!

So the site was re-written in normal HTML. We also added a few new features :

  • a favicon.ico
  • a mouseover feature for the buttons
  • redesigned banner
  • 39th Anniversary logo
  • Overhaul of all the copywriting
  • News & Diary Toolkit
  • News & Diary Toolkit training
The future is looking a lot brighter for the LSA so please visit the website and donate to them if you can.


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